Friday, 15 April 2016

Walled Garden

We had some fun today. The mom carried me over to the walled garden where they were pulling weeds. There were a lot of birds to watch -- even a wee lady who brought two swains over to do their mating ritual dances right in front of me! I did not catch any mice today but I smelled some under the wet plants. Rabbits too, outside the garden wall.

Here I am, enjoying the view from under the Swiss chard.

I'm not so sure if I like the geese and chickens though. Roosters are noisy. There's a dog that comes with the work crew but it goes away too.

There was plenty to see.

I was also "window cat" during tea time and lunch time in the work house. That was alright. I was much admired and nobody bothered me there. It was good to get outside. Ireland smells good.

There is also a cat at this castle, who has the manly name of Pusskins. I showed him my dominance easily enough by eating treats in front of him. He sits outside our window sometimes and looks in. He's a bit of a nuisance when he wants to come and chat all the time, but you know, young boys are like that.

Saturday, 9 April 2016

French cat food isn't the best

Yesterday we went to that vet clinic with all the dogs in it. Not so good.

Today was better, though not the greatest. The humans slept late, then left us alone.

At least she put the TV on mid-afternoon when they came back. That made it more interesting, though I prefer Venice Classic Radio.

(That's, for those of you who weren't yet in the know.)

Clara finally got over her fussiness and used the toilet facilities the humans are providing. That was good.

The cat treats they've been offering us (from that vet/passport place) are sadly under par. At least there's still Fancy Feast from the suitcase to be had. I hear there may be raw food in my near future. I hope that's true!

signing off,

Zen girl

Friday, 8 April 2016

Cats are aces for jet lag

Not everybody knows this but having a Zen philosopher cat along while you're travelling across many time zones can be very good for jet lag.

You see, I first taught the Mom to meditate, and I'm also very good at inducing sleep. Normally when people have jet lag they might lay awake overnight, but luckily the Mom brought me along. When she's awake and ought to be asleep, I get up close to her and rumble and hypnotize her to sleep.

Cat2 and I are tired of being in boxes! We were very happy to be out of the boxes today on the train, when I again hypnotized the Mom to sleep. 

We're glad when we get a comfy bed to purr to sleep on.

Thursday, 31 March 2016

new place

Ala March 31

I got to go outside this morning. It was wet, but it was free. All that grassland stretched in front of me outside the back door of the house we were staying... but there was one problem. It smelled like dogs.

All that grass! I know it's just full of yummy delicious mice. But... dogs. Dogs might eat me. And there's still the smell of that cat around. We haven't seen it yet but we can smell it. We know a cat lives here.

It was great to know I could go out. So much better to have the grass that close, instead of being on a third-floor apartment. AND there are none of those huge noisy ravens here. Good.

Our Military Commander went out. She sussed the area for me. She doesn't even like mice, but... well. She's younger than me. It seemed safer to enjoy the grassland from inside the window, you know?

Mom March 31

We're house-sitting for a week before we head off. 

Ala wanted the door open, mostly so she could sniff. Didn't seem brave enough to spend much time out. Clearly wanted to go out more, but... careful.

I wonder if she knows we're only a mile and a half from where we used to live? It must smell similar, except there are no farm animals here.

We'll see how she goes as the week goes by. Hopefully she gets more comfortable, though there actually are cat-killing dogs who come here so she's likely right to be careful.
From this experience this morning, I have two ideas: 1. She might get more comfortable if we stay places a longer time. 2. She might be happier if we find places without dogs.

I can see #1 leading to a good plan for all of us. :)

Saturday, 19 March 2016

It's been a long hard winter

It's been a long, hard, winter, filled with plenty of meditation and remedial snuggling with the Mom (she was surprised by the increase in the amount I've been snuggling her, but she seemed to need it. 

Anyway we are all glad to be getting outside again. I am looking forward to tasting French mice. I hope the accommodations she has found us -- this van named Gigi -- is nice and comfortable for us.

When a cat lives in an apartment, you know, it's really hard to hunt for fresh food! For entertainment I've had to make do with the occasional visits by rascally ravens and magpies on the deck, and listening to on the computer. It's been alright, but I'm fat and I'm stiff and I'm hungry for some good red meat! Let me at it.